The process of constructing a brand identity and naming a company, product or service is more complex than most companies think.

Many companies take it upon themselves to develop names that are inadequate or otherwise ineffective. These kinds of names arise from an incomplete understanding of linguistics - the systematic study of language - and how a brand name can positively or negatively affect the success of a business venture.

Now, more than ever, you need a name that is unique, stimulating, creative and fresh in a way that's never been done before. The art and science of naming forms the balance between creativity and accountability based on the belief that the answer is always centered on the customer.

Our team of linguistics experts will determine and create the best name that satisfies your naming needs by analyzing the effects of sound symbolism and phonetic effectiveness.

When the CMI naming and brand strategy team takes on a project, key stakeholders are included in the naming process in order to create a name that accurately communicates the company's mission and values.

We will not only help you create and select a name, but also design a branding strategy to coincide with the new name to help you effectively persuade, inform, promote and educate your customer.

Implementing a well thought out branding strategy complete with new logos, tag lines and marketing campaigns is what CMI specializes in and, alongside creating a new name, has time and time again delivered companies the highest performance and bottom line contribution.

CMI brings far-reaching knowledge of dynamic branding strategy and has over 25 years of experience linking brands to bottom line performance. Applying powerful planning, creative and collaborative capabilities that will help your company select a new name for a new product, identify its brand identity, or leverage current product brand identity are things we pride ourselves on and have confidence in that will create success for your company.