At CMI, we treat your unique needs with respect and care and engage in a close, collaborative business management process to ensure the success of the brand. This process begins from the ground up; from focus groups held to analyze your target audience to consulting with your managers/directors and trademark attorneys. Initiating and maintaining a conversation within the company and between you and your customer can greatly improve the success of a brand and the company in general.

It goes without saying that in order to grab the attention of a customer, a brand name must be memorable, compelling and unique. It has to be able to be recalled by the customer easily and should stick in their minds. Creativity, then, has to start at the beginning of the brand naming process and is at the forefront of the CMI name development process.

Evaluation & Selecting
After targeting your desired audience and developing a variety of different brand names, we will work with you as we slim the list down and come to you your new brand name. We do this by considering how to differentiate your company's brand from competitors, analyzing the current market landscape, and measuring the phonetic and verbal effectiveness of a name, all the while keeping true to your needs and concerns.

Before announcing your brand name to the rest of the world, it is important to start cutting through all the red tape surrounding brand naming and brand creation. Namely, filling out trademark applications and making sure all copyrights are in order - CMI will walk you through it.

The key to a successful launch of a company's new products or services, lies in the set-up and the delivery.

The first step of an effective launch set-up is to assess and gather data on your company - to step back and look at your company's strategic objectives, target consumer base, and competition.

The second step involves strategic consideration of positioning, messaging and developing marketing programs to make the eventual launch seamless and powerful.

And finally, the launch. The launch is not just about the brand or product or service. The launch is about presenting the company as a business entity, an all-inclusive body made up of its products and services, its reputation and image in the eyes of its customers, shareholders, and employees.

A lot of the reason why it is so hard for many companies to develop a strong brand name is because, most of the time, all the pieces which make up a brand name are not fully understood. CMI looks at every name developed with a thorough focus on how the name affects people's thinking and how to best attract and maintain customer attention.

Linguistics, defined as the scientific and philosophical study of language, is also possibly the greatest influencing factor in developing and choosing a brand name. Understanding how the words which make up language work is what can make or break a brand name, and since its inception CMI has assembled a top-notch team of writers and linguistic experts to best deal with this often confusing aspect of name development.

Sound Symbolism
When someone says "Pepsi" or "McDonalds" you immediately think of the company logo and what is special about that company. Pinpointing how your brand name sounds is just one way which effects how people will remember your company.

Anatomy of a Name
How a name is spelled can also effect how people view and think of your company. It is also important to screen brand names for spelling because when your brand is viewed by someone in another country, the name could mean something entirely different than you intended it to. Our team of linguistic experts will test the names we develop for visual attractiveness as well as multilingual clarity, giving your brand the distinction that it needs.